SPOT Festival is the biggest showcase festival in Denmark and once again Excite filled up one stage to the max, and hosted no less than five Excite concerts this year.

The two Danish bands, which are going on tour this year, The Bowdashes and Moon Mountain started out, followed by ‘Bartleby Delicate’ from Luxemburg, Simon Alexander from Sweden and Culiar from Norway. And it’s safe to say that it was a success. It was an amazing evening with lots of people in the audience, powerful music, genre diversity and incredible talented acts.

Before the shows, all the artists were invited to meet the Excite partners, as we were having a meeting at the festival. We definitely think it was good value for the bands to meet each other and to meet the partners behind the project. This to make it easier to navigate on their further tours and to take contact to the partners. 

We also arranged that Mikkel Wad had an hour talk with the foreign bands about how to meet Danish music venues, what to consider when going on tour, how to get the most out of it, and much more. Mikkel Wad works at the Danish agency 3rd Tsunami, he is a former booker at venues VEGA and Beta in Copenhagen and he is an active musician himself – he knows the music industry from many angles and he certainly had some useable advice to give the bands. Talking to the artists right after the meeting they were really happy about the outcome. Mikkel has a very DIY approach to the music business, which does takes a lot of work for bands, but also makes the industry more accessible and hands on. The most important advice was that you don’t need to be signed to play music – you can do it your self and take your career to new hights.

An interview with MIKKEL WAD LARSEN

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