Excite Covid writing 1

Because of COVID-19 the world-wide music industry is largely inactive at the moment. Until September there will be 0 live-shows. Which sucks, but at the same time it does create a challenge for many artists. They now have to find other ways to reach a digital crowd. Many of them already came up with the idea of a live-stream concert, but of course the current situation could lead to other kinds of creative outbursts as well.

That’s why Dutch Excite partner Popfabryk decided to set up a live-stream co-writing session between two international artists through Zoom and have them talk about COVID-19. What does the virus do to their surroundings? What does it do to their career? What are their fears? What makes them nervous? But also: could the virus have positive impact on our society and on the environment?

The artists meet each other for the first time on Zoom. They record their conversations and work on an online writing process, each from their own studio or living room. The result of the writing session is a brand new song, written by two international artists, inspired by their personal views on the virus. Four duo’s are participating in this project, that was initiated by Popfabryk and joined by Norwegian Excite partner SØRF, German Excite partner RockCity Hamburg and Belgian Excite partner VI.BE.

Participating duo’s are:
Chai Blaq (NL) + NINV (NO)
Wander Kars (NL) + Andy’s Echo (GE)
Woe Blind Birds (NL) + Ivy Flindt (GE)
Esther de Jong (NL) + Mooneye (BE)