Sonic Visions went off mid November 2019 and Excite had some presence on site, to say the least, both in the conference and in the live program of the festival.

This year, Excite was represented all over Sonic Visions. First on a panel presented by Tina Wedmann, from RockCity and a fellow Excite partner, and then on stage with Belgian indie dream-pop band Portland!

On the Friday of the conference, delegates attending had the opportunity to listen to Tina give a panel entitled "EU Tool Box for Artists & Managers.” The panel explored the different networks, their mission and showed when and how artists and their team can take advantage of the opportunities offered by various European initiatives.

On the Saturday, in order to create an after movie of the event, a videographer was hired to document every step of Portland’s journey, from their arrival to their show on stage! Portland also got interviewed by national Luxembourgish radio 100,7 in which they talked about their career but also about their experience, the networking opportunities they have had thanks to Excite and how it has helped their career internationally.

Even if their concert was quite early, they played in front of a packed venue, with a really enthusiastic crowd, eager to listen to more songs. They cleverly managed to mix electronic sounds to emotional pop songs and in the end, it was amazing. It's no wonder why it was sold out!

Pics and video: Stephen Korytko (Welcome to SKIN).