Swedish partner KulturUngdom will welcome three acts to be part of their hosting during Live at Heart Festival, taking place in Örebro from 4th - 7th of September, and there’s also shows planned at a festival Gothenburg over the weekend.

 Live at Heart has been a festival partner to Excite since 2013, and has over the years welcomed bands and artists from Scotland, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxemburg to perform.

This year Tamzene from Scotland, The Bowdashes from Denmark and Beverly Kills from Sweden are taking the stage. All bands play live Thursday night at venue Watt and early Saturday there will be an agent session with all musicians meeting up with My Bergman, from the leading talent agency Blixten & Co. The session is part of the extra value, where Excite hopes to inspire and connect musicians with industry professionals.

Friday night Tamzene remains in Örebro for yet another show while the two others, The Bowdashes and Beverly Kills travel to Gothenburg to play Waves Rolling Festival. Seems a busy weekend coming up when Excite hits Sweden for the seventh time!

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