The second associated festival is coming up, and Spring Break in Poznan, Poland will get a visit from Hamburg-based Kraków Loves Adana. We reached out to the band with some questions on the trip, and on things a bit in general.

How's things in general in the camp of Adana?
- Pretty good! We have our new album 'Songs After The Blue‘ released and have started to send out the first batch of the vinyl pre-orders. That’s a great feeling!

Going to Poland, and named quite in the nature of it, what's your thoughts of the festival you're playing?
- We’re looking very much forward to it. Can’t wait to have a good time and a cultural exchange.

You got more action through Excite coming up, what do you think of the year as it's planned both on and off of Excite?
- It looks like we are slowly hitting more and more international ground with our shows. With everything that’s happening with Excite, but also with people writing to us and concert request coming in directly – that’s very exciting for us!

And what are you most looking forward to right now, for the band or outside of the band?
- Writing more music, playing more shows, staying positive about the future and open-minded for what’s about to come.

If you're attending Spring Break, be sure to catch Kraków Loves Adana at Pies Andaluzyjski on Saturday 21st of April.


Picture ©Ebba Ågren