It's time for our first Talent Development Week!

So this week we got artists and songwriters from four countries to Leeuwarden in the Netherlands to work, write, learn and to get their talent to the next level. In doing this we got a full schedule and no less than the same number of industry professionals from the Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden and Finland to the same place to meet up and share their insights with the artists. The camp is happening alongside the festival Welcome to the Village, who's also in to make the gold even more glittery.

We're happy to welcome the following;

- Bartleby Delicate, LU /
- Sainey Gibba, FI /
- Tilde Hjelm, SE /
- Ciel, NL /
- Michiel Mozer (Cosmute), NL /

The camp is delivered by Excite partner Popfabryk, who runs a hot house for music and pop culture in Leeuwarden.